Error 1722 Installing WSUS on Server 2008 R2

Difficulties Installing WSUS on Server 2008 R2 – Fails at Configuring Database – Error 1722
Running Server 2008 R2 and trying to install WSUS 3.0 service pack 2, I found I consistently got an error upon trying to add the role, whether it be from using a dedicated installer from Microsoft or just by adding the feature from within Server Manager.

Lots of Googling suggested lots of different fixes, and I’ve tried a lot. I put it down to the old install of WSUS which had been working successfully but removed for a time, had left some files behind that were corrupting the new install. But I trawled through the server and ran powershell scripts to remove files all to no avail.
The error is really unhelpful, and the install would always fail at the ‘Configuring Database’ stage, displaying error 1722 and saying: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. 
I’d seen some …

The Lost Woods Play Along Piano Video - The Legend Of Zelda

Marioverehrer’s YouTube channel is dedicated to ‘learn it yourself’ piano videos, designed to play along with whilst having a graphical score and actual keyboard to look at, so the ability to read musical notation is moot when using these tutorials.

There’s no vocal introduction or visual gumpf – just a text title and the block note score, which comes towards you in Guitar Hero style, the blocks hitting the keyboard at the exact moment you should play.

The quality of the Audio is decent enough, a high level of MIDI, but I personally would’ve liked the actual score as well, and maybe some Legend Of Zelda themed embellishments just to add that personal touch to the video.

The Lost Woods is a bit of the equivalent of a tongue twister for piano, and I’d also have liked the option to switch to a lower tempo, before trying the piece at full speed.

Still, the idea is good and works well, and if you want to learn one of Ocarina Of Time’s iconic tunes you could do a lot worse than starting her…

The Legendary Lullaby Performed on Violin and Ocarina

The music in video games is such an intrinsic part to the whole experience, from the days of the looping MIDI sequences of arcade gems such as Donkey Kong, to the sweeping orchestral scores of Skyrim. The Legend of Zelda series in particular is extremely famous for the many recurring themes throughout its catalogue of games.

Zelda’s Lullaby is arguably most well-known from its use in Ocarina of Time on the N64 accompanying scenes with the famous titular princess as well as enabling link to make the jump from child to adult hood, and invokes with it a swathe of nostalgia for anyone who remembers leading Link into his epic quest throughout Hyrule.

There are so many tributes to the works composed by Koji Kondo that it’s obvious how much love people have for the music in its own right. This is particularly true of this performance of Zelda’s Lullaby by the talented and prevalent YouTube violinist Anime Martha Psyko.
Psyko has teamed up with Alonso Quijano who plays the Ocarina with a swe…

#OffToBeTheWizard by Scott Meyer mini review

Off To Be The Wizard by Scott Meyer is a comical take on the premise of what if this life we lead is actually just a part of a computer simulation? Well, what if?

Our protagonist, Martin, works a mundane IT job and in his spare time does a little low level hacking of company servers to pass the time. Whilst rummaging through the server of a telecommunications company he stumbles across a seemingly innocent looking data file. When making changes to the file, he finds he can manipulate the physical world, his height; location; bank balance...

Of course who could resist a bit of a splurge if they discovered how to do this? And of course the authorities quickly discover the Martin has had an influx of wealth appear from apparently nowhere! Martin's contingency plan - to escape back in time to Medieval England - as after some (very) low level research he concludes this would be the optimum place to exist with the powers he's discovered.

Upon his arrival, Martin quickly realises he …

#LifeOnTourWithBowie mini book review

Sean Mayes is a famous rock 'n' roll piano player from the group Fumble, who are best known for supporting Bowie on the Ziggy Stardust tour in '72. Further down the line, Bowie was recruiting musicians to be in his band for the Isolar 2 tour in '78. Although Fumble were well into the production of the Elvis musical at the time, Mayes couldn't not say yes to a request from Ziggy himself and was soon in the throes of a globular tour with one of the most inspiring, innovative and interesting rock 'n' roll musicians that has graced the Earth. The tour was recorded and subsequently released as Stage.

Life On Tour With Bowie is a short, edited version of Mayes' diary entries from his time spent on tour with D, and details everything down to the travelling between destinations, the costumes, the people involved both musicians and administrative, the fans and groupies, the night life and, most importantly, the live shows.

I found the entries to be less raucous…

#ChasingEmbers by James Bennett mini book review

Chasing Embers is an excellent modern time fantasy novel by James Bennett. Ben Garston, our leading character is an emotional yet hardened soul, living in a version of modern day Earth as an ancient magical pact that has lasted 800 years begins to deteriorate, causing Ben no end of grief and unforeseen encounters with an interesting, detailed and varied array of characters.

The story is steeped in pseudo medieval history and ancient Egyptian mythology, and see's Ben traversing the globe in an effort to save humanity, his human ex girlfriend and if he has chance and the time, possibly himself.

A cast consisting of Fae, witches, knights, dragons, humans and soothsayers, it's not always apparent at first glance what their intentions are, leading Ben into some difficult situations which only weigh down his emotional state further, nursing himself back to some semblance of normality with the magical elixir that is Jack Daniels.

The variety of locations, characters and originality …

#TheKnackOfLife by Trisha Rainsford mini book review

I was lent this book by my mother and went into it with a very sceptical head on, as my mum and I don't often see eye to eye on the same reading matte rial. She often prefers something lighter with a nice, tidy ending where as I'm open to oddities and strange works of science fiction.

Despite it's flaws, I quite enjoyed the Knack Of Life by Trisha Rainsford and it made for an absorbing read whilst on my holiday, and I'd recommend it to fans of easy to digest crime fiction, looking for a short escape whilst relaxing on a sun lounger on the deck of the Arcadia...

I think I related quite while the main character, Seamus, who see's his friend Mattie, who had helped him through some rough post divorce trauma, shot in the dark of the Irish night with a shotgun.

He then slumps ever further into a depression, but is encouraged by his room mate and cousin to investigate the causes of the murder for themselves. With a few twists and turns along the way, and some discoveries…