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Cracking night out in Birmingham with folks from work was had last night, celebrating/commiserating (depending on your point of view) the departure of one of the teachers at work and my good friend. I'm glad it mostly went to plan for her, apart from the odd person being ill and unable to attend. Had a good amount of warm up whiskey before heading to All Bar One in Brindley Place. As the night spiralled feuled by increasingly eclectic mixes of alcohol we went on to The Slug opposite, culminating in some rather mad dancing on a revolving dance floor in Reflex.

Apart from losing my glasses which will cause me to live the next week or so surviving by squinting and using my prescription sunglasses, it was really good fun and lots of smiles and laughs were shared by everyone, and nobody was ill through over abuse of plonk (or they have yet to be honest about whether they were). 

Recovered today with a trip to Solihull with the same leaving friend, to order some new specs which will be here possibly by the end of the week, but could be up to two. Eep! The girl doing my frames was incredibly pretty, and I possibly embarrassed myself when tasked with following her fingers with my eyes, as I ended up just looking at her eyes instead :-/ It's harder than it sounds! :p 

Shared a healthy superfood pasta then returned home and had a civilised chat in the garden trying to ward off the impending hangover with lots of water. 

I've just finished watching Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, which I ordered from Amazon in an attempt to spend enough to get free postage. It may not be good, but it was definitely enjoyable! I quite like the pretence of Aliens developing ancient civilisations, such as in films like the 5th Element, but this one concludes too far past the line of cheesey when it shouldn't be (the 5th element is definitely supposed to be cheesey). Like I said, it was still good fun and I still adore Harrison Ford. 

There isn't really a purpose to this blog, just one for me to make note of how content I feel right now. Things are going my way mostly (he says wearing sunglasses indoors at 20 to 10pm) and I'm very happy. 

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