I completely loved this game. Like, really loved it. It has instantly become one of my favourite games ever. When I wasn't playing it, I missed it. I liked it so much I bought a WiiU eShop download and the PS3/4 collectors edition. Completely 100% worth it. 

It's a delightfully hand drawn, exquisitely written in rhyming couplets for the most part, fairy story. It blends the genre of side scrolling platformer and float 'em up (Auroroa, the heroine and main character learns to fly quite early on) with RPG exploration, item and skill management and turn based battles. 

I was never bored at all, the story is beautiful without being clich√©, and the battle's timing system keeps things interesting throughout. The battle system allows you to time attacks to interrupt incoming attacks, but also allows the same to happen to you, resulting in missing a go. There is furthermore a large combination of mele, defensive and magic abilities for each unique and unlikely character you befriend on your quest. 

Boss battles feel suitably more epic than normal ones, and can be challenging, though the game is never really difficult at any point. 

Exploration is kept fresh by a variety of environments, puzzles and collectibles scattered around the world of Lemuria. The UbiArt engine is superb in it's ability to seemlessly integrate all the lovingly crafted artwork into a video game. 

I shall stop gushing to avoid any spoilers, and hope that anyone with any remote interest in literacy, game design, platformers, RPGs, beautiful fantasy art or quite simply any interest in anything ever, will go out and buy this stunning creation at least once. And when you do...?


(All photos are simply taken with my iPhone's camera and are of the WiiU version) 

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